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♥•° {Nourishing our souls}

Posted on: May 2, 2009

SOUL:  a spirit and a body united in mortality (Abr. 5: 7)

Giving  some thought to the question: How do I take care of and nourish my soul? I came up with a few very clear ideas and ways to do so, for example:

  • I can take care of my body by doing things that are good for the body or that make me  feel pretty or healthy  in any way:
    • Working out ( which I´m already doing as much as I can or feel like)
    • Grooming each day, getting dressed head to toe in the morning.
    • Breathing right
    • Eating right
  • I can feed my spirit by studying the word of God.
  • Meditating is a  very good practice.
  • Praying is sure very nourishing when you pour out your very soul and take the time and effort to listen to the response.
  • Doing things that I enjoy and that make me feel ALIVE like the like: 
    • Working in the garden.
    • Reading amazing books and blogs.
    • Cooking for my family.
    • Doing some crafts.
    • Spending time with friends.


Here are some other things that you can do to PAMPER YOURSELF:

  • Get a manicure done *wink *wink (this doesn´t  have to be a professional one, you can do it yourself if you like, I do it all the time).
  • Buy yourself some pretty flowers to brighten your day and your home.
  • Go for a walk, if at all possible somewhere you love, a place surrounded by trees or maybe some pretty snowy mountains…
  • Have a good laugh, really, laughing is so stress relieving and the best thing in the world. Oh I love a good laugh!


Some things to nourish a marriage can be very similar: 
  • Reading the Scriptures together.
  • Praying together ( I am 100% sure than when done in the right spirit this can bring many blessings and unity into a marriage).
  • Doing things that we enjoy together, DATING which N and I are starting to do after two years of marriage not having ever been able to have alone time since we´ve met, REALLY! Now we are  making the time and the necessary arrangements in order to get OUR fun time ALONE. Couples, husbands, it is very important to go out on dates alone with your spouses! Give it a try and you wont regret it!


  • Give a present for no reason.
  • Rub his/her back and/or feet.
  • Make a couple of  hot cocoas or any drink according to the season, lemonades or any other refreshment of your taste are great to combat the heat of the day.
  • Hide I love you notes to brigthen up their day.

So thinking about the above brought  me to this . We can also nourish our families by doing the following:

  • Praying together, which will bring much unity in a family and concern and love for one another.
  • Studying the word of God as a family. Our kids and us need to learn and stick to the ways of the Lord, and there´s no better way to learn about Him than by studying the words that He has revealed to ancient and modern day prophets.
  • Spending time together having fun. I personally would like to set a day of the week, probably Saturday when we can be just the 5 of us and get to do something fun. The last thing that we did together for fun was when we went  to fly the kites, which was really really fun! that was a couple of weeks ago.

Spend some time playing with your kids, this are only a few examples:

  • Play hide and seek for a little while or peek a boo.
  • Have some tickles, sure to guarantee a few laughs.
  • Do any type of craft that you might enjoy together.

I believe that it is crucial to focus on this and to keep in mind that we need that quality time spent with ourselves, with our spouses and as a family with our children. It can be tough to find the time within our busy lives but we must remember to take some breaks and do some of the listed above. With maybe some variety on the way, we can use pretty much the same simple habits to nourish our personal lives and to strengthen the bonds with those whom we love most.

Don´t  you just love it? How do you nourish your soul and enrich your relationships with those special ones?


2 Responses to "♥•° {Nourishing our souls}"

Hi Olivia! Love your posts, your pictures too! Hope you’re having a good week, see you soon.

I sure love your blog! I’m glad you found a place to stick for a while… Please, don’t leave us anymore! I could’t find you until you posted your address in Tania’s blog. YAY!!!! I really love reading your thoughts. You are becoming a great writer! Specially in English… you’re awesome!

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