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Posted on: April 28, 2009

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to improve my writing skills and to share thoughs, dreams, likes, daily life and myself. I truely have a long way to go and I know that if I do the efforts needed I will get there.


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By no means do I intend to become a professional writer, just to have a decent blog . This is probably the 5 blog or so that I have started and I  am finally happy with the layout and everything else. I’ve had blogs on different websites that offer free blogging and although I liked the blogs, I wasn’t constant, and finally wordpress has given me what  I was apparently wanting in a blog.        I am still learning about wordpress, but I am very satisfied with the blog. I am sure this time I am sticking around for good. That being the reason why I want to improve my writing skills.

th_minipen Some tips I found by reading some amazing blogs that can inspire you to write and improve your writing skills:

  • “Write” write and write some more.
  • “Setting a writing appointment” every day. The first step toward producing enough every day is producing every day.
  • “The difference is in the headline I believe this says it all. Write an eye catching headline. You can read more about this here.
  • “Five Words” It’s what it sounds like. Commit each and every day to sitting down and writing a minimum of five words.
  • “Answering questions” on the subject that you want to write about.  Ask yourself a wide variety of all sorts of questions and then try answering them. Create yourself a daily question list. This is assured not to fail.
  • “Say More With Fewer Words” you can read more about this on copyblogger since I am not writer at all it’ll be pretty hard for me to explain it any better.
  • “Read” I personally believe that reading is a main to learn how to write well. Being from Spain and wanting to blog in English, reading is definitely an important part for improving my vocabulary and I believe for anybody who wants to write. The more you read, the smarter you’ll get. There are awesome books and blogs out there huh?
  • “Read the dictionary” Read a page a day and highlight any ‘interesting’ words you find. Then, when you need inspiration, flip through and browse all of the highlighted words. I find this  hilarious and I believe it can be really inspiring, I will sure be giving it a try.
  • Try, if you can, to “Write in the early morning”. This is a time when you haven’t been stressed out and/or exhausted by the stress events of a typical day. Your mind is clear and you’re more relaxed emotionally, which enables you to focus more and unleash your imagination, which will not be hindered by the preoccupations of daily life.
  • Play some relaxing music” Music can change your mood and your mind-state, helping you to temporarily escape from reality.


What are some things you do that help you and  inspire you to write?


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