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♥•° {Today in my kitchen}

Posted on: October 21, 2008

Oh goodness! I finally seat down after a long day of a million homechores.
I had energy today and decided to cook some food that other wise was going to go bad.
Chard. I love it. I normally make it with boiled potatoes and then fry some sliced garlic and add paprika to it, yummy.
Na na na

Today for a background (Fleetwood Mac, Dulce Pontes and others I can’t remember right now)
Ta ra ra ra, cooking, mmm mmm na na naAnd after getting all this cooking ready, here is what I had in mind, besides our dinner. Some sterilised recicled jars. This are not the best ones, actually I can’t stand them. I had a hard time trying to get them to seal, some kept getting opened all the time so I decided to put them in the fridge. I definitely need to get me some caning jars.

And here is the final result. Yummy homemade baby food! Oliver already had some of the orange stuff, it is made out of carrots, potatoes, leeks and squash. He loves it.

I took a picture of the nicely chopped veggetables before I started cooking them… but I don’t know why the picture doesn’t load in the right position and I don’t know how to turn it over. Here it is, almost upside down. Whatever.
But even upside down looks good, doesn’t it.SQUASH VEGGIE SOUP
Pinch of salt
A drop of olive oil.
Cook allt he ingredients together. In the pressure cooker I boil everything for about 15 min and then I add the olive oil. Blend together with as much water from the cooking as you want, to make it as thick as you like.
All my family loves this soup, especially my husband and also the kids eat it really well and fast. Including the little one.
If you give it a try let me know what you think, it is supertasty.



2 Responses to "♥•° {Today in my kitchen}"

It looks like Oliver has many fresh delights to choose from. I used to make my own baby food too. I would put it into ice cube trays, freeze it, pop the cubes out when frozen and put them in zip bags. Pop a couple out and heat them, frozen dinners for baby.

Please stop by my place, I have a treat for you today!

I wish I had the patience to make baby food when my daughter was little…I really admire that you cook for your baby!

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